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600 lights in 6 weeks

If you remember from last year, the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation received a donation of 600 lights from d.light. With this, we were able to start the year off with a bang...

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Joy + Us = HOPE!

As we entered the school on the morning of January 2nd this year, Cheleta Primary School was a-buzz with activity. Not only were children excited to reunite with friends...

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You can't learn if you're hungry!

It’s official! The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation has launched Nancy’s Gardens! Nancy’s Gardens was inspired by Nancy’s concern about school children's access to...

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One thing is for sure, Nancy loved Kenya. In 1986, Nancy Ellen co-authored a booklet, entitled ‘Kenya Trivia’, about Kenya’s ecology, geography and culture. Forty-two thousand copies were published and sold. This publication was a key text used by individuals training to be guides in the national museum, as well as safari guides.

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