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Coloring Pages

Check out the amazing downloadable coloring pages created by our wonderful interns.

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Mental Health Tips for Kids

When we practice good mental health, it is easier to handle stress and other problems.

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Benefits of Gardening

The saying that "gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes" will surely keep you well during this Covid pandemic. Kids and adults alike can benefit greatly from…

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A Tribute to Howard Crooks

To keep Howard’s memory alive, we approached some of his closest friends to share with us their fondest memory of Howard.

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Our Partnership With Operation Play and AutoXpress

We are proud to announce that our first Nancy's Playgrounds project of 2021 was launched on the 20th of February 2021!

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How Nancy Caught the Attention of ‘Voice of America’ During Christmas 1975

In 1975, Nancy started the “Pledge Your Christmas Tree to Naivasha” campaign...

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Solar Powered Lights; Why it’s the Best Option

The use of solar lights is a simple, sustainable solution to lighting for children across...

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Heartwarming Stories From The ‘Lights For Learning’ Beneficiaries that Will Inspire You

With your support over the last 10 years, our Lights for Learning Program has provided affordable solar...

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A look back: The life of Nancy Crooks and the founding of NECF

Since her arrival in Kenya in 1959 alongside her husband Howard, Nancy Crooks committed herself to take on project after project to better the lives ...

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Hunger Situation

With the spread of Covid-19 worldwide, food availability and affordability has become an important and pressing issue across nations worldwide. In Kenya, the pandemic has worsened…

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Online Child Protection

In the digital age, most children have access to the internet through the computer and other technology devices. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, 87% of children…

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What Black Lives Matter Movement means for Africa’s Children

Over the past weeks, citizens in cities across the world, including here in Nairobi, took to the streets, organizing and mobilizing massive protests against racism and police…

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Reaching Hearts Through Art

This month the NECF is excited to collaborate with the ‘Reaching Heart through Arts’ initiative to bring you our NECF readers and your children downloadable activity and coloring…

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Getting Started with Your Indoor Garden

While gardening is often thought of as an outdoor activity, it totally doesn’t have to be. For those who are social distancing in apartment buildings or just have limited outdoor…

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Pandemic Preparedness for your Children

The need to plan and prepare our children for potentially overwhelming infectious outbreaks rather than trying to teach hygiene during outbreaks cannot be overstated. They say…

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Kenya's Lighting Situation

44 % of Kenyan households are in the dark with lack of access to electricity. Could a shift towards solar energy be the answer to Kenya’s universal electrification goal? Lighting…

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Beautification of Children Play Areas

Did you know, creating attractive, beautiful and healthy environments for children has a direct impact on their morale and lifts their spirits? Children interact wholesomely with…

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Darker Days: Reflections of My Childhood

The first ten years of my life were paraffin powered. Recalling now, sibling rivalry in my household was propagated by a constant desire to have the well-lit, non-soot side

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Why Paw Paw

On June 5th the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation launched Nancy’s Gardens at Village to Global school in Vihiga County. Papaya, locally known as pawpaw is one of the easiest fruit to…

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