Lights for Learning

Lights for Learning

Access to affordable solar lights can make a world of difference for the estimated 3 million children living in non electrified regions in Kenya. Children often have to complete their homework by light from the cooking fire or a kerosene lantern as chores typically occupy their daylight hours after school.With access to solar lights through our Lights for Learning program, children's academic performance can soar and no longer be hindered by lack of adequate lighting. 

Forty-four percent of Kenyan households are in the dark without access to electricity and approximately eighty percent  of rural households depend on kerosene, candles and firewood for their lighting needs. This can be expensive, unsustainable, dangerous and environmentally harmful. At NECF we believe that lighting should be safe, clean and affordable to all.

The NECF’s Lights for Learning Program enables school children, in rural communities, to study in a safer and cleaner environment by providing affordable solar lanterns.


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